My Take on Garnier Micellar Water

‪So I’ve been intrigued about the Micellar Water craze and finally i found one that is affordable and hope will work for me and surprisingly you can find this at any department stores, supermarket and drugstores nationwide.

#garnier #micellarWater ‬

Oh and It works pretty well specially on the products that is not waterproof, good thing is that it doesn’t have any smell! It is affordable too! ‬

‪It claims that you can use it alone as a make up remover but for me I will still wash my face with my facial wash to make sure that there are no residue of make up on my face.‬

Price is 145 pesos , I picked the one for oily, acne probe skin (blue bottle)


Cucumber Madness

Cucumbers have long been loved by health and beauty crowd it’s because for their hydrating, cleansing and detoxifying ingredients.

And the good thing is that i saw this product at Mumuso, a 92% aloe vera gel and was indeed life changing experience for me ♡

300 g

Benefits on Face

1. Soothe Sunburn.

With anti inflammatory and cooling properties, Aloe Vera gel is the perfect remedy, it is also rich in antioxidants and minerals which can help speed up healing.


As for my experience, it really softens my skin without clogging pores.

3. Anti Aging

We all know that this powerful plant is rich in.vitamins c and e. I also read an article that it improves skin elasticity.

4. Reduce Acne and lightens Blemishes

It allows the skin to heal quickly and naturally with minimal scarring

Imagine all of these benefits on one container with an affordable price of 99 pesos at any Mumuso outlet.

I am still on my 3rd week on this, and so far I can see good results. Will update you once I’ve finish this tub. ♡ see yah!

My First Brow Lounge Experience

Brows are now one of the most important steps in our beauty regimes.
It is an important feature for your face. Get them right, and you will forever have a naturally youthful look that compliments your facial features.  These days, people will do anything to have their eyebrows #onfleek, including getting them on tint. Yes, you heard me right! So I decided to go visit @browloungeph at SM Southmall to have my brows done.


The place was chic and cozy and I love their clean and bright interiors :mrgreen:.



The price list was affordable also compare to other brow salon I visited.


The first thing Ms. Rhea (the super friendly senior employee) is that she bleached my eyebrows.I can feel a tingling sensation upon the application of the bleach.


After a few minutes she puts the brow tint already ( I think it’s a dye suited for eyebrows only )  she choose a brown tint shade because it compliments the color of my hair.


She told me not to washed with water for 11 hours.. She also did some (complimentary threading) just to shape my brow. Ms. Rhea told me the brow tint would last around 2-4 weeks.


I was really happy with the service and with my expreience @browloungeph so I am definitely will be back in a month :mrgreen:

My take on Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with vitamin e…

I love lotions with long lasting smell and at the same time I want something that could make my skin feel soft and look healthy. Well I’ve tried a lot ( bath and body lotion, victorias secret, aveeno, alyssa
ashley, st. Ives, nivea, olay and a lot more)…


So recently, my mom bought a Palmer’s lotion because she has like super dry skin and she hates it, I was caught by the cocoa and vanilla scent of it, so I tried using it on my hands first,


the lotion is pale yellow in color. It has a soft smooth melted-butter like texture that feels very fluffy and light weight. For the texture, it is easy to spread and massage. It quickly penetrates into the skin, so I re-applied again, and lather also to my whole body. It felt light non sticky, soft and smooth that effortly glides inyo your skin. 


And of course  It does not contain paraben and phthalate. So I think I would buy this product because I love everything from packaging to its content.👌

Ever Bilena cheek and lip tint….

Every Filipina knows the brand Ever Bilena they have wide range of affordable beauty cosmetics and now I am gonna try their famous lip and cheek tint, I saw a clip on YouTube of Kris TV with Ellen Adarna and she’s using this for everyday wear Ever Bilena lip and cheek tint this helped me achieve no-makeup makeup look, plus its really affordable at some store its 135 pesos and I think I got it for 150 pesos but still its not bad for it’s price since its a 20 ml product. The shade I got is very red, I am just not sure if there’s a different shade thou.


What I like about this product is the hygenic tube that you just have to squeeze out an ample amount of the product. It gives you that nice youthful glow on your cheeks and that soft, plump hydrated look on your lips when applied. Another thing is that The gel like consistency makes it easy to blend and The staying power is long it’s longevity on my cheeks lasted for 6 hours without touch ups. Had it also on my lips and suprisingly it didn’t dried up nor it gave me a chapped one. So over all I would highly recommend this product besides its very affordable and it definitely works 💄

Would you believe this… Our magic potion…

Well I’ve never been a fan of vinegar, the smell of it makes me feel dizzy until recently my mom kept on bragging avout her new “magic potion” it’s called Apple Cider Vinegar and honey detox, and she’s drinking this up early morning with an empty stomach  and day by day she feel better and better which is good. So, why not try if this “magic potion” she’s crazy about would make me feel the same.

I did some research and found out tons of healthy benefits I could get with ACV and honey. And I mean it there’s a lot.

The traditional health benefits of this drink combination, especially on an empty stomach are numerous:

Weight loss
helpReduce inflammation
Relieve a sore throat
Help with seasonal allergies
Regulates stomach acid
relieving acid reflux
Promotes clear skin
Increases energy


So I could ditch my morning coffee which can cause to retain water and bloat and I would switch now with this “magic potion” and here are the following ingredients:


1 mug of warm (but not too hot to touch) filtered water.

1 tablespoon raw apple cider vinegar

1 tablespoon of honey

You could also use lime and lemon to add a zesty flavor.

Instructions: Stir 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar and raw honey into warm, but not hot, water. Sip.  If the drink is too vinegary for you, decrease ACV to 1/2 tablespoon and work your way up until you are using 1 tablespoon or more.


So let’s start our morning right, I encourage everyone to try it.  See if you can make this honey and apple cider vinegar drink fit into your daily routine.

Cocobody Face Balm


I am really a fan of coconut oil for cooking purposes, and just recently found out that it can be used for beauty regimen as well, ahhmmm thanks to my mom….  Mom told me it is also a wondrous multipurpose moisturizer! So I guess mother’s knows best… So I tried using it before going to bed.It leaves my skin unbelievably moisturized and soft. It feels beautiful,  nourishing on my face; and I can see a visible difference in the texture of my skin, it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and looking youthful.


And the good thing here is that this is affordable and locally made (Philippines) Cocobody has different other products as well ( I’ll try to make a review on their other products also ) like cocobody lip butter, cofobody body and massage oil with sampaguita, peppermint, lavander and chamomile scent, cocobody body bar and scrub, body butter and of course my fave pure and all natural, cold presses VCO.