Ever Bilena cheek and lip tint….

Every Filipina knows the brand Ever Bilena they have wide range of affordable beauty cosmetics and now I am gonna try their famous lip and cheek tint, I saw a clip on YouTube of Kris TV with Ellen Adarna and she’s using this for everyday wear Ever Bilena lip and cheek tint this helped me achieve no-makeup makeup look, plus its really affordable at some store its 135 pesos and I think I got it for 150 pesos but still its not bad for it’s price since its a 20 ml product. The shade I got is very red, I am just not sure if there’s a different shade thou.


What I like about this product is the hygenic tube that you just have to squeeze out an ample amount of the product. It gives you that nice youthful glow on your cheeks and that soft, plump hydrated look on your lips when applied. Another thing is that The gel like consistency makes it easy to blend and The staying power is long it’s longevity on my cheeks lasted for 6 hours without touch ups. Had it also on my lips and suprisingly it didn’t dried up nor it gave me a chapped one. So over all I would highly recommend this product besides its very affordable and it definitely works 💄



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