Cocobody Face Balm


I am really a fan of coconut oil for cooking purposes, and just recently found out that it can be used for beauty regimen as well, ahhmmm thanks to my mom….  Mom told me it is also a wondrous multipurpose moisturizer! So I guess mother’s knows best… So I tried using it before going to bed.It leaves my skin unbelievably moisturized and soft. It feels beautiful,  nourishing on my face; and I can see a visible difference in the texture of my skin, it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and looking youthful.


And the good thing here is that this is affordable and locally made (Philippines) Cocobody has different other products as well ( I’ll try to make a review on their other products also ) like cocobody lip butter, cofobody body and massage oil with sampaguita, peppermint, lavander and chamomile scent, cocobody body bar and scrub, body butter and of course my fave pure and all natural, cold presses VCO.



I am a woman in process. I 'm just trying like everybody else. I try to take every conflict every experience and learn from it. Life is never dull. 👓😋 Please Check out my Online Shop at


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