My First Brow Lounge Experience

Brows are now one of the most important steps in our beauty regimes.
It is an important feature for your face. Get them right, and you will forever have a naturally youthful look that compliments your facial features.  These days, people will do anything to have their eyebrows #onfleek, including getting them on tint. Yes, you heard me right! So I decided to go visit @browloungeph at SM Southmall to have my brows done.


The place was chic and cozy and I love their clean and bright interiors :mrgreen:.



The price list was affordable also compare to other brow salon I visited.


The first thing Ms. Rhea (the super friendly senior employee) is that she bleached my eyebrows.I can feel a tingling sensation upon the application of the bleach.


After a few minutes she puts the brow tint already ( I think it’s a dye suited for eyebrows only )  she choose a brown tint shade because it compliments the color of my hair.


She told me not to washed with water for 11 hours.. She also did some (complimentary threading) just to shape my brow. Ms. Rhea told me the brow tint would last around 2-4 weeks.


I was really happy with the service and with my expreience @browloungeph so I am definitely will be back in a month :mrgreen:



I am a woman in process. I 'm just trying like everybody else. I try to take every conflict every experience and learn from it. Life is never dull. 👓😋 Please Check out my Online Shop at

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